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nor(DEV):con - The eastern region's biggest tech conference returns in June 2022!

The eastern region's biggest tech conference returns in June 2022!

On the 16th & 17th June 2022


We'll gather in Norwich to learn, discuss, and network with an eclectic bunch of the best of the East's tech scene, joined by a group of international conference veterans. Talks on language, business, methodology, & blockchain. We're bringing 30 sessions across two days at The Kings' Centre, kicking off on the 16th June 2022, and closing 17th June 2022

    1. Main Auditorium (Track 1)
    2. Conference Room 1 (Track 2)
    3. Conference Room 2 (Track 3)
  1. 16th June
  2. 10:30

    1. Registration Opens

  3. 11:20

    1. Introductions

  4. 11:30

    1. Opening Keynote - A brief history of Norfolk Developers, from a certain point of view!

      Paul Grenyer

  5. 12:30

    1. Break

  6. 12:45

    1. Yakbit: using tech to dismantle workplace inequality one word at a time..

      Mary-Jo Hill

    2. Creating a community talent pipeline.

      James Adams

    3. Look at the State of Ye

      Richard Bensley

  7. 13:30

    1. The Andromeda Strain

      Dom Davis

    2. Why I chose to sell the company I love

      Joshua Davies

    3. Looking under the hood of querying languages

      Dani Papamaximou

  8. 14:15

    1. Tales of a Test Driven Developer

      Luke Downing

    2. The story of migrating The Great British Public Toilet Map to NextJS and Typescript

      Oliver Barnwell

    3. System & Enterprise Architecture - an introduction

      James Taylor

  9. 15:00

    1. Break

  10. 15:15

    1. Closing Keynote - Code your way out of a paper bag: A personal project that got out of hand

      Frances Buontempo

  11. 16:15

    1. Break

  12. 17:00

    1. nor(DEV):drinks - Socialising, Networking, and Drinks

  13. 17th June
  14. 07:30

    1. Registration Opens

  15. 08:20

    1. Introduction

  16. 08:30

    1. Opening Keynote - Work of the Future.

      Jim Marshall

  17. 09:30

    1. Break

  18. 09:45

    1. a Typical, b Kind

      Dom Davis

    2. The Merge - The Ethereum Foundation

      Justin Drake

    3. Radical Video Game Preservation

      Codie Stella

  19. 10:30

    1. Being Inclusive: Making the web more accessible

      Ryan Howard

    2. Exploring DeFi - Polygon

      Amit Chaudhary

    3. 7 most common mistakes in HR

      Charlotte Bate

  20. 11:15

    1. Lunch

  21. 12:30

    1. Should we just rewrite this?

      David Legge

    2. Climate X Crypto: Exploring ReFi - ReFi DAO, The Journey so Far - Game Vault

      Henry Hoffman, John Ellison

    3. Your users don’t care

      Katie Fisher

  22. 13:15

    1. Replacing the Big Legacy Monolith: patterns, principles risks and roadmaps

      Ismael Velasco

    2. Panel Discussion: The Future of NFT's

      Henry Hoffman, Jamie Anson, Shane Kehoe, Emma Ockelford

    3. Norfolk and Suffolk Innovation Network

      Alex Cliff, Ali Cubitt

  23. 14:00

    1. Break

  24. 14:15

    1. Learning Rust, coming from Go

      Floris van der Grinten

    2. Fireside Chat: Crypto Encounters of the Third Kind

      Shane Kehoe, Alex Fazel

    3. Democratising Machine Learning for Business

      Alex Kearns

  25. 15:00

    1. Web Analytics: a bit of script, or a powerful part of your toolkit?

      Laura North

    2. Panel Discussion: Starting Up in Web3

      James Adams, Henry Hoffman, James Bachini, Ben Donnellan-Boucher, Vatsavaye Priyatham Varma

    3. T Level Digital - What is it? How can you help?

      Mr Tiddy

  26. 15:45

    1. Break

  27. 16:00

    1. 1Password Developer Tools Demo with Q&A

  28. 16:30

    1. Closing Keynote - Talking with customers and incremental development

      Ben Frost

  29. 17:30

    1. Wine Reception

  30. 18:00

    1. Conference Dinner


The Norfolk Developers Conference wouldn't be possible without the support of our wonderful sponsors.
We're really grateful for their trust and support; and are proud to feature them below.

Want to join the community of Sponsors? We still have a range of sponsorship packages available.

  1. 1Password


    In addition to protecting personal passwords and data, 1Password offers a suite of developer tools to simplify how you secure your secrets. Streamline SSH workflows starting with git, provision secrets with the CLI, authenticate with biometrics, and more.

  2. Gearset


    Gearset is the leading DevOps tool for Salesforce. It scales from teams first dipping their toes into DevOps right through to teams of hundreds of people making the most of parallel development and continuous delivery.

  3. Artlist


    Artlist is a leading creative technology company offering content creators powerful video and image editing software, and over 900,000 professional digital assets under a revolutionary, global license that covers every project worldwide.

  4. Haven


    From their very first holiday adventure, to generations of families coming back year after year. Right across the country you’ll find our team all working together to give every one of our four million guests a great time with memories that last a lifetime.

  5. Redgate


    Redgate is the leading provider of software solutions for Compliant Database DevOps. They have specialized in database software for over 20 years.

  6. xDesign


    For over a decade xDesign have helped clients create bespoke, award-winning, digital products – supporting them from idea to implementation, and beyond.

  7. MariaDB


    MariaDB Server is one of the most popular open source relational databases. It's made by the original developers of MySQL and guaranteed to stay open source

  8. Allies Computing


    Postcoder is the API for address lookup & form validation. Brought to you by Allies Computing, a leading provider of address and location technology for thirty years.

  9. Norfolk County Council

    Conference Dinner

    Norfolk County Council aim to make Norfolk the best digitally connected county in the country. Ambitious yes, and it won’t happen overnight. But we’re working on the following fronts: a Wide Area Network: Fibre (including a project to deliver gigabit connectivity to 340+ rural public sector sites): mobile connectivity improvements: an Internet of Things Innovation Network to cover the whole of Norfolk and Suffolk, and 5G – looking to become a national pilot project.

  10. ETHAnglia

    Room Sponsor

    Committed to developing a community to progress the understanding, adoption, utilisation and furthering of web3 within the East of England.


  • Ben Frost
    Ben FrostHead of Product - Owners at Bourne Leisure

    • Frances Buontempo
      Frances Buontempo at Buontempo Consulting Ltd

    • Jim Marshall
      Jim MarshallHead of People Consulting at Rokker

    • Paul Grenyer
      Paul GrenyerSenior Team Lead at Bourne Leisure

    • Alex Cliff
      Alex CliffHighway Network and Digital Innovation Manager at Norfolk County Council
    • Alex Fazel
      Alex FazelChief Partnerships Officer at Swissborg
    • Alex Kearns
      Alex KearnsSenior Consultant at Inawisdom
    • Ali Cubitt
      Ali CubittIMT Project Manager at Norfolk County Council
      • Amit Chaudhary
        Amit ChaudharyHead of DeFi research at Polygon
      • Aviel Gray
        Aviel GrayLead Swift Developer at Artlist
        • Ben Donnellan-Boucher
          Ben Donnellan-Boucher at L3NDR Project
          • Charlotte Bate
            Charlotte BateDirector at MAD_HR Ltd
          • Codie Stella
            Codie StellaSenior Software Engineer at Oakbrook Finance
          • Dani Papamaximou
            Dani PapamaximouSenior Lecturer at Sheffield-Hallam University
          • David Legge
            David LeggeTech Lead at Redgate
          • Dom Davis
            Dom DavisCTO & Co-Founder at Tech Marionette
          • Emma Ockelford
            Emma OckelfordFounder at Emma Ockelford Consulting
          • Floris van der Grinten
            Floris van der GrintenSr. Developer at 1Password
            • Henry Hoffman
              Henry HoffmanFounder and CEO at GameVault
              • Ismael Velasco
                Ismael VelascoDevelopment Technical Lead at graze
              • James Adams
                James AdamsFounder at Akcela
              • James Bachini
                James BachiniFounder at JBCrypto
                • James Taylor
                  James TaylorSystem Architect
                  • Jamie Anson
                    Jamie AnsonFounder at Nifty Orchard
                  • John Ellison
                    John EllisonSource at ReFi DAO
                  • Joshua Davies
                    Joshua DaviesVP of Software at Artlist and Founder/ex-CEO of FXhome
                  • Justin Drake
                    Justin DrakeResearcher at Ethereum Foundation
                  • Katie Fisher
                    Katie FisherSenior Experience Strategist at The User Story
                  • Laura North
                    Laura NorthGrowth Manager at Nozzle
                    • Luke Downing
                      Luke DowningSenior Engineer, CEO at Worksome, Downing Tech
                    • Mary-Jo Hill
                      Mary-Jo HillFounder at Yakbit Ltd
                    • Mr Tiddy
                      Mr TiddyCurriculum Leader - IT & Computing at Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form
                    • Oliver Barnwell
                      Oliver BarnwellSoftware Engineer at The Guardian
                    • Richard Bensley
                      Richard BensleySenior Software Engineer at MariaDB
                    • Richard Donovan
                      Richard DonovanPeak Performance Mindset Coach at RD Coached Ltd
                    • Ryan Howard
                      Ryan HowardFounder at HowQA
                      • Shane Kehoe
                        Shane KehoeManaging Partner at Swissborg Ventures
                      • Vatsavaye Priyatham Varma
                        Vatsavaye Priyatham Varma at Tech Educators


                        The King's Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH

                        The King's Centre is a quality conference venue in the centre of Norwich, offering 14 different rooms available to hire to suit your event; from 6 people to 650.

                        • The Kings Centre's Main Conference Auditorium
                        • The Kings Centre's Training Room
                        • The Kings Centre Conference Room 1
                        • The Kings Centre Conference Room 2
                        A Mapbox Map


                        • Train Station

                          An image of Train Station

                          With good connections across East Anglia, and the UK. The historic Norwich Train Station provides good access.

                          0.6miles from the venue

                        • Premier Inn

                          An image of Premier Inn

                          Located on Duke Street, close to the river. The Premier Inn offers an affordable stay.

                          0.5miles from the venue

                        • Maids Head

                          An image of Maids Head

                          Located within Tombland and nextdoor to the Cathedral. The Maids Head Hotel is an award winning, AA 4 Star hotel. Known to be the oldest in the UK.

                          0.4miles from the venue

                        • Travelodge

                          An image of Travelodge

                          Comfy king size beds with four plump pillows and a cosy duvet. An on-site restaurant and bar serves breakfast and tasty evening meals.

                          0.5miles from the venue